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In operation since 1974, the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) has been collecting and cataloguing UFO reports for over 40 years. Their database holds over 100,000 reports by now and is searchable here. It contains reports from all over the world, but the main focus of NUFORC is the United States: close to 3,000 reports were made in the US in the last 6 months alone. 

We take a look at the most recent reports from the NUFORC database here, going over these most recent reports. See the slideshow below for a deep dive into the what, where and when of the latest UFO reports. Or explore a table of all of the latest reports here.

Timeline of UFO reports per state

Page Title
UFO reports
Date (first of quarter)
Arizona - 2006/1/1Arizona222006/1/1
Arizona - 2006/10/1Arizona522006/10/1
Arizona - 2006/4/1Arizona282006/4/1
Arizona - 2006/7/1Arizona382006/7/1
Arizona - 2007/1/1Arizona472007/1/1
Arizona - 2007/10/1Arizona292007/10/1
Arizona - 2007/4/1Arizona282007/4/1
Arizona - 2007/7/1Arizona372007/7/1
Arizona - 2008/1/1Arizona472008/1/1
Arizona - 2008/10/1Arizona372008/10/1
Arizona - 2008/4/1Arizona542008/4/1
Arizona - 2008/7/1Arizona402008/7/1
Arizona - 2009/1/1Arizona412009/1/1
Arizona - 2009/10/1Arizona272009/10/1
Arizona - 2009/4/1Arizona572009/4/1
Arizona - 2009/7/1Arizona352009/7/1
Arizona - 2010/1/1Arizona132010/1/1
Arizona - 2010/10/1Arizona452010/10/1
Arizona - 2010/4/1Arizona372010/4/1
Arizona - 2010/7/1Arizona272010/7/1
Arizona - 2011/1/1Arizona462011/1/1
Arizona - 2011/10/1Arizona542011/10/1
Arizona - 2011/4/1Arizona202011/4/1
Arizona - 2011/7/1Arizona412011/7/1
Arizona - 2012/1/1Arizona682012/1/1
Arizona - 2012/10/1Arizona502012/10/1
Arizona - 2012/4/1Arizona492012/4/1
Arizona - 2012/7/1Arizona402012/7/1
California - 2006/1/1California1222006/1/1
California - 2006/10/1California1682006/10/1
California - 2006/4/1California1102006/4/1
California - 2006/7/1California1602006/7/1
California - 2007/1/1California1452007/1/1
California - 2007/10/1California1792007/10/1
California - 2007/4/1California1092007/4/1
California - 2007/7/1California1502007/7/1
California - 2008/1/1California1742008/1/1
California - 2008/10/1California2132008/10/1
California - 2008/4/1California1692008/4/1
California - 2008/7/1California1472008/7/1
California - 2009/1/1California2082009/1/1
California - 2009/10/1California1302009/10/1
California - 2009/4/1California1192009/4/1
California - 2009/7/1California1872009/7/1
California - 2010/1/1California1152010/1/1
California - 2010/10/1California1482010/10/1
California - 2010/4/1California1232010/4/1
California - 2010/7/1California2082010/7/1
California - 2011/1/1California1452011/1/1
California - 2011/10/1California1692011/10/1
California - 2011/4/1California1292011/4/1
California - 2011/7/1California1772011/7/1
California - 2012/1/1California1472012/1/1
California - 2012/10/1California2042012/10/1
California - 2012/4/1California1862012/4/1
California - 2012/7/1California2142012/7/1
Florida - 2006/1/1Florida432006/1/1
Florida - 2006/10/1Florida612006/10/1
Florida - 2006/4/1Florida652006/4/1
Florida - 2006/7/1Florida492006/7/1
Florida - 2007/1/1Florida622007/1/1
Florida - 2007/10/1Florida862007/10/1
Florida - 2007/4/1Florida492007/4/1
Florida - 2007/7/1Florida662007/7/1
Florida - 2008/1/1Florida872008/1/1
Florida - 2008/10/1Florida652008/10/1
Florida - 2008/4/1Florida822008/4/1
Florida - 2008/7/1Florida662008/7/1
Florida - 2009/1/1Florida712009/1/1
Florida - 2009/10/1Florida572009/10/1
Florida - 2009/4/1Florida532009/4/1
Florida - 2009/7/1Florida692009/7/1
Florida - 2010/1/1Florida512010/1/1
Florida - 2010/10/1Florida622010/10/1
Florida - 2010/4/1Florida422010/4/1
Florida - 2010/7/1Florida632010/7/1
Florida - 2011/1/1Florida692011/1/1
Florida - 2011/10/1Florida1202011/10/1
Florida - 2011/4/1Florida472011/4/1
Florida - 2011/7/1Florida982011/7/1
Florida - 2012/1/1Florida1222012/1/1
Florida - 2012/10/1Florida1422012/10/1
Florida - 2012/4/1Florida852012/4/1
Florida - 2012/7/1Florida1022012/7/1
New York - 2006/1/1New York252006/1/1
New York - 2006/10/1New York402006/10/1
New York - 2006/4/1New York222006/4/1
New York - 2006/7/1New York362006/7/1
New York - 2007/1/1New York372007/1/1
New York - 2007/10/1New York412007/10/1
New York - 2007/4/1New York422007/4/1
New York - 2007/7/1New York512007/7/1
New York - 2008/1/1New York452008/1/1
New York - 2008/10/1New York472008/10/1
New York - 2008/4/1New York422008/4/1
New York - 2008/7/1New York752008/7/1
New York - 2009/1/1New York462009/1/1
New York - 2009/10/1New York462009/10/1
New York - 2009/4/1New York392009/4/1
New York - 2009/7/1New York712009/7/1
New York - 2010/1/1New York222010/1/1
New York - 2010/10/1New York432010/10/1
New York - 2010/4/1New York332010/4/1
New York - 2010/7/1New York802010/7/1
New York - 2011/1/1New York252011/1/1
New York - 2011/10/1New York622011/10/1
New York - 2011/4/1New York522011/4/1
New York - 2011/7/1New York1092011/7/1
New York - 2012/1/1New York1012012/1/1
New York - 2012/10/1New York692012/10/1
New York - 2012/4/1New York762012/4/1
New York - 2012/7/1New York1322012/7/1

Most reports in the US are made in two states at opposite sides of the country: California and Florida together account for 20% of all reports.

Latest UFO reports -- Use the filter to explore other locations

Texas in particular has seen a relatively low number of UFO reports recently, compared to its population size. It ranks 10th on the bar below, with 74 reports in the last 6 months. Most of these reports were from the state's major cities or their immediate surroundings: Houston, Dallas and Austin.

Number of reports by US state

About a quarter of the reports mention a "light" but there's is variety of different shapes being reported as well -- including circles, triangles and fireballs as well as teardrops and eggs. All shapes seem to be pretty evenly distributed throughout the country, but for some reason New York has the highest percentage of rectangles reported  and Colorado (specifically Denver) the highest percentage of chevrons.

Number of reports grouped by Shape

Number of reports grouped by Month

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